Hey again. yeah, I’m still good. Now I’m going to delve into the erratic, indecisive and compulsive nature that is my art practice and my views on being a creative. I have had many changes in my work through-out the last couple of years. Many things have stayed constant but conversely, many things have changed too. I’ve tried different mediums, styles and approaches but decision making has never really been my strong suit.

One thing that HAS stayed consistent is the sense of strangeness and oddity in everything I create. I feel like this aspect of my work is what I most enjoy about being an artist. Creating work which both makes you smile and question the nature of imagination. Your probably wondering why the title of this post is “BEING AN ARTIST IS HARD” and you know what, thats because it is (for me anyway). And I don’t even mean in terms of selling work, or growing a following or anything like that, I mean in terms of what the hell you do with your creativity. I can only speak for myself but what I find the hardest is answering questions about what to do with myself as a creative individual.

 I know I like creating art but what kind of art? Do I paint, draw, sculpt? What kind of paintings, drawings or sculptures? Can I do all of them? Would I be stretching myself too thin? Do i want to be an freelance artist? Animator? Street artist? Character designer ? (I could honest name 10 more viable career options). How do you decide? Which is the most realistic? Should that even matter?.. Anyway i’m dragging on now. my point is, for some people a decisive demeanor might come easily but for me it definitely does not. I am beginning the get an idea, especially in terms of my artwork but even then, its a little bit up in the air. I do envy those to which it comes naturally and those that seem to have it all figured out without a second thought, but I’ll get there eventually.  okay, rant over, thats my two cents, I think there is a lot more to be said but ill leave it there. I didn’t really resolve anything as much as i pointed out some of my issues and said ” see how it goes”, but that honestly where i’m at, ill keep you posted. 

I wanted to avoid making these posts too long otherwise they will become too dauntingly long that people will just not even bother to read them. I know when I see a huge slab of text I sometimes say to myself, “Too long. I’m not even going to bother starting” though i think i pasted that point about 400 words ago. annnyywwaaaayyyy…